Posted by: nicanthiel | March 25, 2009

Hello world!

Hello to the Internets.

In the manner of introductions, I’m Nicanthiel Hræfnhild. What kind of name might that be, you ask? Well, it’s a given name, being as both parts of it were given to me by Others. I’m a Northern Tradition Pagan, under the auspices of Anglo-Norse Vanic Heathenry (While my focus is largely Anglo-Saxon, I do revert to the Scandinavian side of things as well, especially for things like mythos and cosmology). I am a member of Ar nDraíocht Féin, a mainstream American Neo-Druid organisation, but very little connection to the praxis of ADF in my personal practice. And while I do engage in comparative speculation, such will always be in the filter of my personal associations. As such, nothing on this blog should be taken as dogma, rule, or even necessarily The Right Way to Do It, whatever your It may be.

That is all for now. Stay tuned 😉

Wæs þu Internets hál!



  1. Wæs þu hál, Internets!

    Actually, that’s Wæs þu Internets hál. Just sayin’…

    Your banner is so purrrrty! Very much Herself.


    • Ever the grammarian, my dear 😉

      I know! I did an image search, and that popped up, and I was :O

      • Well, if you wanted to be really really super-accurate you would say something like

        Wæs þu Intrawebbas hál


        Wæs þu Woruldwidewebbas hál

        or something like that. *snerk*

        But anyway, I’m glad you’re heeeeeeere. Vanic people, untie! 😉


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