Posted by: nicanthiel | April 13, 2009

Book Recommendation

I just recently read Silence Maestas’ Walking the Heartroad, and I encourage everyone who is involved with spirits and Gods in any deep manner to check it out for themselves. Silence talks about various things, including different types of devotional relationship, but the thing I liked most and that touched me the most was the various bits about how service and devotion should ultimately bring you joy, not bitterness and resentment; that issue is a big one in the Heathen/Northern Tradition mystical paths, and probably others as well. It was refreshing to read the amount of joy and love that Silence has for his Gods, especially since one of Them is typically portrayed as a cruel, callous dictator.

I honestly think WTH should be required reading for anyone currently involved or looking to get involved with deities and spirits at a deeper, more intimate level.

5 devotional prayers out of 5



  1. I skimmed this but haven’t actually sat down to read it yet. I’ve heard it’s good from a number of folks, though, so I suppose I need to find our copy downstairs and write a review myself.

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