Posted by: nicanthiel | April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Today is the international holy-day, affectionately termed Earth Day, in which we are urged to be mindful of our presence among the biosystems of our planet. It is important now more than ever to be aware and conscious of the choices we make in regards to the effects those choices have on other species, and even the life quality of the non-biological spirits and wights. We are poisoning the lands of our ancestors, and what is worse, many of us moderns are poisoning the lands of others.

My Lady is often hailed on this day, as is proper for the Lady of Land and Mindfulness; however, too many Heathens ignore Her the rest of the year, all the while defiling and besmirching both Her land and their own honor. Lip service does not please the Gods. When They receive devotion and praise, They expect us to follow-up on our promises and intents, not shove them aside to be trotted out at the next “convenient” time in order to show how “Heethin” we are and gain a name that we do not otherwise deserve.

I have been talking on here about the Anglo-Saxon virtues. So far, I’ve covered honor, piety, and courage. And certainly, all of these can be related to the fight to save our planet – it is honorable to live in symbiosis with nature; it is certainly pious to care for the earth as though it were our mother (which it is, if one considers that Hertha-Jörð is the mother or grandmother to many of the Gods, Who are in turn the ancestors of humans through Mannus/Rig-Heimdall); and it takes a great deal of courage to stand up and go against the general grain of anti-environmentalism or pseudo-environmentalism, especially if you are coming from a minority religious standpoint, and most especially in the wider Heathen subculture, as many are conservative and scornful of anything smelling of “nature-religion.”

There are three other þéowas that speak to proper attitudes toward environmentalism in ASH – holdness (hospitality, lit. “graciousness”), ȝemyndignys (mindfulness, lit “being in memory-ness”) and sóðfæstness (truthfulness, “truth, truthfulness, faithfulness, good faith, fairness, fidelity, sincerity; 2. truth, righteousness, justice; 3. truth of speech or thought

We are obviously the most species-powerful animals on the earth. While our power certainly isn’t absolute, it is our actions and choices that determines the fate of biosystems to the greatest degree. Thus, being both host and guest on this earth (for even in our hubris, we are utterly dependent on the cycles of nature for our basic survival), it is our duty to treat fairly and graciously those we are sharing this earth with, to be as careful and conscious of our actions toward them as we would to a human host or guest.

This care for proper conduct obviously leads us to mindfulness. Eco-mindfulness is the proper result and goal of environmentalism, as it brings us back into touch with the greater cycles of nature that we have long been removed from, to our own peril.

And finally, truthfulness requires that we not only seek the truth of climate issues, not letting others sway our opinions, but also to then use that truth and proclaim it widely, teaching it to those under our care and educating those around us. If we truly hold fast to the truth, we cannot allow ourselves to ignore the clear signs of problems that we have caused, whether that be widespread special extinction, carbon dioxide saturation, ever-growing lack of resources, or any of the dozens and hundreds of ways that we have adversely affected our environment and the environments around the world.

Éalá Eorðe, modor ús eallra. Ús fácendǽd úre forȝief.



  1. This.

  2. This is beautiful, thank you.

    Éala Eorðe. Éala Erce, Éorðan Modor. Wæs þu ánsund, mótan heliaþ fram úre wearg-weorc.


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