Posted by: nicanthiel | June 18, 2009

Peace and Good Seasons Released

Peace and Good Seasons

“I am pleased to announce my third book, Peace and Good Seasons, a devotional for my beloved  fulltrui Ing-Fréa (Frey), and the second devotional book released by my imprint Gullinbursti  Press.

Peace and Good Seasons is a devotional for Ing-Frey, which discusses His importance in antiquity as well as His relevance to today. With advice on how to begin communing with Him, and sample prayers, rituals and devotional practice, this is a great addition to the bookshelf of Freyfolk everywhere.

The book is 82 pages. It’s $9.89 for a paperback and $3.75 for a download.

Get it here:

May this book bring a better understanding of Frey, and may His presence bless your life.-Svartesól”

I encourage you all to get a copy. It’s sure to be a good one  🙂


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