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Well, hey there. I bet you’re here because you’re wondering who this Nicanthiel Hræfnhild person you’ve been reading about is. You’re just in time, then! Because I’m about to tell you :)

Long long ago, in a galaxy... Wait, wrong story. Let’s try this again: It was the best of times; it was the worst of times… What do you mean that’s already been taken? Ah, here we go:

Once upon a time… there was a boy. Now this boy always loved playing in nature, loved the trees and the grass and the animals, and for many years, he lived in a special world, where the ravages and grime of modern society were but whispers and bad dreams. Then, like all boys, he began to grow up…

Years later, the boy (now a young adult) found himself in high school, reading a book that opened his eyes to all the wonder and beauty of paganism. He vowed that, one day, he would explore more of this magical world, and set about getting to that day as best he could.

Later, when he got to college, he met others who were exploring paganism, and with increased topical reading and Internet usage, he found himself being drawn in further and further down that long, grassy path. He found that many other people loved nature as much as he did, and that there were other things to believe in than what he had been exposed to in childhood. And, slowly, he began to talk to these people and things. Having discovered a deep and abiding love for all things Irish and Celtic, he naturally drifted away from the Wiccan-derived practices of his fellow practitioners toward Druidry. Though he made many mistakes, and read much that was not good, eventually he learned how to discern good from bad. One day, he stumbled upon Ar nDraíocht Féin, an American Neo-Druidry organisation, and knew he was on the right track.

His continued exploration, now accompanied by scholarly and advanced reading, led him deeper into Celtica, until he discovered Celtic Reconstructionism. Having always been one who tried to seek the truth in everything (to the point of being, yes, a geek), and having formed relationships with Irish deities deeper than most Neopagans he knew, he knew that this was the place for him, at least for the moment.

Not long after, our boy-hero was in the midst of meditating when he was approached by a particular God, Who proceeded to woo him over the next few months before finally asking him to marry Him. And in the space of two seconds, his life changed forever. Shortly afterward, he encountered Svartesól (then Sigrún Freyskona), and was slowly but surely pulled into the Norse paradigm, while the Celtic deities whom he had formerly been close to receded into the background (with the exception of his Bethrothed). After a series of events, he found himself Claimed by the Vanir, specifically Nerthus. And that’s where the story ends… for now.

In less… scoplic… fashion, I am currently in college, pursuing a B.A. in linguistics. I am also (as you can see above) a storyteller, a poet, a singer, a calligrapher, and a generally artsy person. I am currently a member of ADF, though I am considering joining Geferræden Fyrnsidu, as the latter is more conducive to my current path. I make prayer beads/devotional jewelry and calligraphic pieces on commission (an example of the former can be seen here; for inquiries and questions, contact me at my email). Several of my essays and poems appear in Visions of Vanaheim, an anthology on the Vanir compiled by Svartesól, and I am currently in the process of writing my own devotional work for Nerthus.

Besides the above, I am a spiritworker, runester (hardly a master), diviner, and comparative speculator, as well as a hetæra and hierodule in the service of Freya.

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