An Ode to Spring

Warm breezes,
the children of the South Wind,
from the lands of the Muspell fly
teasing, caressing, playing
whirling and dancing in the joy of Spring

Hail Eostre Who walks the earth,
Iðunn of the golden orchard,
Lady of Spring and the Primrose!
You cast Your apples upon the earth,
restoring weal and health to its agédness

Gone are the snows of Holda,
Her bed is now made
and She rests for another year
in Her cottage under the well
Hail the new life on Midgarð!

Frey pines for Gerð,
wandering the fields of Barri
in memory of that first night,
and the life that sprang
from that joyous union.

All the Gods rejoice
to see the Worlds renewed
All is halig, all is whole
from the greatest fir
to the smallest crocus

Hail Springtime!
Your love has come across the Sea
to rescue You from the Hag
and return you to the World:
Hail, Vigor of Youth!

<i>(c) Nicanthiel Hræfnhild 2009


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