Invocation for Mani

Hung like a glittering crystal
against the sable night,
You who looks down,
Who smiles at our slumber,
and greets joyfully those awake,
who are Your own children:
Hail, Mani of the silver wheels,
Lover of the lost and lonely,
King of the black night
and Shepherd of the stars
who follow your dusty trail
through the dark fields.

Hail, friend of old,
ever concerned with Man,
stopping often in your journeys,
lingering among the hurt and the wounded,
so that the Gods sent forth Hati,
your adversary, your own guide
shepherd to the Shepherd,
enforcer of Deadlines and Duty’s harsh rule,
to keep you to your appointed courses.

Yet you linger still, as much as you can,
among the friendless, the forgotten,
giving shelter to the mad,
Lunacy, hysterics, madness
they say are your Work;
But in truth, they are not,
Symptom is not cause,
Shelter is not coercion.

In your silver chariot, you comfort,
Your journey brings peace
to those long at war
with themselves, with each other
and hope for the hopeless,
joy for the sorrowing,
beauty for the lovers
and Time for all.

Hail, Lord of Joy,
whose cold embrace brings
to all of us the mysteries of space,
of the void that lies
between life and death.
Hail, Lord of Peace,
to whom the warring fly,
lost in the struggles of madness
Hail, Lord of Light,
who with your sister brings forth
the blessings of life
among all the Nine Worlds.
Hail, Lord of Love,
Lord of Grace,
Lord of Beauty,
Who is the symbol of romance,
of lovers entwined,
in the blooming of the night
fragranced with jasmine and moonflower
Hail, Lord of Loss,
Who is the cold night,
the dark nights and the bright,
the monsters lurking in the shadows
and dark stories that should never be told.
Hail, Lord of Hope,
who shelters the needy,
who lights up the darkest shadows,
who gives promise of the day
in midst of Dark Night.
Hail, Mani!

(c) Nicanthiel Hræfnhild 2008


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