Water and mist
mud and clay
peat mixing
between Your toes
I can hear the cries
of joy and pain
from Your willing sacrifices
who strive to be chosen
year after year
for one glimpse of Your face
For the honor of serving
en-thralled by You
to the very end.

I too am a victim
willingly taken:
I die with each year,
reborn in Your arms
like the Phoenix of the East.
And for my sacrifice
willingly given
I am Yours
Show me Your secrets
of bog and mist
the power of seiðr
the reading of Wyrd
the joining of elements
and the spaces between.

Nerþus Erce Erde Hertha
Njörun of the Fair Hair
Queen of Water
Lady of the Peat Bog
You Who inspires Valor
among men
Keeper of the wíh of Holiness
sacrosanct in all Your doings
so that no man dare raise weapon to another
while You ride abroad.
Take me, use me, fill me
replace my blood with peatwater
make my heart of birch
that I may be halig
in Your service.

(c) Nicanthiel Hræfnhild 2009


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