The Battlehorns of Dawn

The battlehorns at dawn
ring out across the fjords
calling the boars to battle
battle-swine of valor
proud men of courage
seeking forth Sigyn’s glory.

The battlehorns in the dawn-light
call the warrior-band to fight
leaving their hearth and heath
for far-off lands to reap Sif’s hair
and the glory of battle strong;
hear the clash and brash of war.

The battlehorns of dawn
sounding to the heaven
all men go forth
as the the bár-lác,
sacrificial battle-boars of Njörun
of Whom they ask valor in return.

Oh, grant us valor,
Queen of Battle,
You Who are the Thing
worth fighting for
that we may stand fast
in the honor of Your name.

In this mechanical day
of modern war,
remind us of the use
of valor, properly wielded
in the hands of a true warrior,
that we may be boars for You.

(c) Nicanthiel Hræfnhild 2009


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